With the presentation of the series “Quaderni di ALAI Italia”, the Association intends to offer, in particular through the publication of the proceedings of ALAI’s Meetings and Congresses, an overview of the current issues in the field of copyright, even in a comparative and international perspective.

The series is open to contributions from the community of scholars interested in Copyright studies, and applies transparency rules in the selection of the contributions, which may be in Italian or English. The Scientific Committee has the role of guaranteeing the selective procedures of the publications proposed and the respect of the editorial line, which devotes particular attention to the analysis and evaluation of the effects of technology on the creation and production of intellectual works, their economic exploitation and on the attitudes of the final users. Interactions between copyright and development of the cultural industry will also be explored.

Scientific Committee

Stefania Ercolani – Franck Goetzen – Paolo Auteri – Christian Collovà – Giorgio Mondini – Ferdinando Tozzi